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The computer market is perpetually developing. You want to equip yourself with the latest new products so as to ensure your profitability and effectiveness?

That is why the Sotrad Hi-Tech department is continually searching for the best solutions to meet your expectations.

A range of outstanding computer tools

Sotrad has developed its own range of ST Line computers and servers to enable you to roll out powerful, flexible, upgradeable and economic work environments: desk computers, tower servers, rackable servers, etc.

Thanks to its mastery of the design of computer servers,Sotrad has been able to develop its own “voice” servers as well as its own VOIP platform, thus offering its customers particularly attractive solutions that not only enable connection and communication costs to be reduced, but also mobility and flexibility to be increased.

All these products are the result of several years of experience in the fields of computing and telecommunications in multiplatform environments (Windows, Linux).

Sotrad also offers its clientele a complete range of electrical protection (inverters) and lightning conductors specifically adapted to the world of IT.

Telecommunications and Internet

Sotrad offers interconnection, internet and satellite telephony solutions everywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sotrad provide also broadband wireless network.

Sotrad implements and activates BLR, VSAT installations, and offers its customers remote assistance.

We offer services in Ku band or C band, dedicated or otherwise, for individuals or companies, governments, cyber-cafes, call centres, etc…

The equipment consists of :

  • an antenna of 1.2 Mts or 1.8 mts or 2.4 mts;
  • a Buc and Lnb modem;
  • a VOIP telephone

Electrical protection and solar products

Sotrad has a strong partnership with Vision. The company is recognized worldwide with partners in more than 40 countries.

We offer a wide range of solutions from the inverter for a work station to custom-made products for special applications.

We also offer:

  • Stabilizers
  • Converters
  • Batteries
  • Solar products
  • Protection against lightning

“WIRELESS” solutions for ISP

Sotrad also meets the needs of high-speed Internet services by offering the equipment of a number of distributors
such as Telrad, Airspan, Radwin, Infinet, DragonWave, Ruckus, Mikrotik, Fortinet…

Sotrad also responds to electricity supply problems in Africa on a daily basis by proposing tailor-made solution sizing. From the simple need for lighting to complete alternative solutions, solar kits and autonomous solar systems are developed specifically for the African market to meet the energy needs of isolated rural or peri-urban households.